Tips to help you prepare for and recover from earthquakes

Learn about earthquake safety, earthquake insurance and disaster recovery.

受地震影响的客户可以 在网上提出索赔, 通过State Farm®移动应用程序, by calling 1-800-SFCLAIM or by contacting your local agent office.



在地震发生之前, help prepare your family and your home with these earthquake preparation tips.


地震 safety tips to consider when you are indoors, outdoors, driving or if you become trapped.


Steps to stay safe after an earthquake and ways to help protect your property.


Do you need earthquake insurance if you don't live on the coast?

You can't count on traditional homeowners insurance to reimburse damages after a tremor.


帮助 protect yourself and your family by preparing and taking safety precautions before, 海啸期间和海啸之后.


Most homeowners and auto insurance policies cover you from some damage related to a volcanic eruption, 但也有例外.



Prepare your babysitter for success and emergency situations by leaving important information about your house, 你的家人和你的孩子.

How a storm shelter or safe room can help protect against severe weather

Constructing a storm shelter space within your home can help protect you from natural disasters and weather emergencies.


天气紧急情况可能会吓到你的孩子, but helping them understand what to expect can help reduce the stress.



A home inventory can expedite insurance claims process after theft, damage or loss.

淹没了地下室? 常见原因如何处理

潮湿的地下室问题可能会花费你数千美元. Here are steps to help identify the source of the water and ways to minimize your risk.


下次你需要更新pp王者电子官网单的时候, consider taking these steps to make sure you understand what your coverages are.

What you need to know about replacement cost vs market value

Learn the difference between replacement cost value and market value coverage to make an informed decision when purchasing home insurance.

What if my personal insurance is not enough to cover potential loss exposures?

You may want to consider a personal article insurance policy to help protect your possessions or personal liability insurance policy to help protect your home and future earnings.


什么是个人财产及意外伤害pp王者电子官网? Learn more information on automobile, homeowners, watercraft, condo, renters and more.



这不是一般的工作, 也适用于州立农场灾难团队®的成员, 这是最快的帮助方式.


Whether you're buying a home with one or thinking of installing, 在这里's what to know.


If your area got hit hard with a catastrophe or weather event, 见不得人的承包商可能会上门维修. 学习一些可以帮助你发现它们的技巧.


Check out these portable generator safety tips for when you need to provide temporary power to your home or w在这里ver you need it.


Before jumping into a home or apartment project, weigh the pros and cons of a DIY approach vs. 雇佣专业人士.


如果你想换个屋顶, now's a great time to upgrade to sturdier materials to create an impact-resistant roof that may save you time, 金钱和麻烦在路上.


Learn how to help prevent costly water damage and the different water leak detection systems with automatic shutoff valves available on the market today.

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